About Us

The Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies is an interdisciplinary teaching, research, and community service program for the Latin American and Latino/a communities in Georgia. We offer students extensive knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and their corresponding communities within the United States through academic study, personalized training, and research abroad. Additionally, we provide a forum for dialogue among faculty, students, and the Atlanta metro population. Our program embraces a variety of fields and is committed to historically informed and interdisciplinary approaches that promote a more thorough understanding of differences within Latin America and beyond its borders in a global context.


To enhance awareness of Latin American and Latino/a issues through interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach activities in Atlanta and Georgia, as well as at the national and international levels.


In collaboration with other academic units at Georgia State University, CLALS facilitates the availability of existing resources that develop and expand excellence in Latin American and Latino/a studies. The Center serves the university by:

  1. Providing an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas among faculty and students in agreement with the stated intent of internationalization of the curriculum at Georgia State University, particularly in programs such as international studies, culture and values, business, biosciences, and health, as well as government and economics.
  2. Disseminating information on Latin American and Latino/a issues to students, the general faculty, and the public in the Atlanta metropolitan area.
  3. Reaching out to the local communities and the Latino/a students at Georgia State, thereby establishing and securing links between both.
  4. Contributing to the internationalization of the academic curriculum through the support of a wide array of courses with a total or partial Latin American and Latino/a component.
  5. Generating and supporting additional research related to Latin American and Latino/a issues.
  6. Fostering the development of international links and intellectual exchange between Georgia and Latin America.
  7. Seeking external funding for the promotion of Latin American studies and related activities.