Dr. Gladys M. Francis: New Book, 2017

Posted On May 30, 2017
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francis_book_odiousCongratulations to Dr. Francis on the publication of her book Odious Caribbean Women and the Palpable Aesthetics of Transgression (Lexington Books, June 2017).

From the publisher’s site:

“[This book] examines the methods through which the works of French Caribbean women resist hedonistic conceptions of pleasure, “art for art’s sake” aestheticism, and commodification through representations of “uglified” spaces, transgressive “deglamorified” women’s bodies in pain and explicit corporeal and sexual behaviors. Gladys M. Francis offers an original approach through her reading together of the literary, visual, and performing arts (as well as traditional Caribbean dance, music, and oral practices) to arrive at a transregional (trans-Caribbean and transatlantic), trans-genre (with regard to forms of text), and transdisciplinary conversation in Francophone studies, postcolonial studies, and cultural studies.”

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