Fall 2016: ANTH 4040/6040 Race, Class, and Gender in Global Perspective

Posted On July 26, 2016
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Note to graduate students interested in taking this course as ANTH 6040: This class counts toward the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies. For information on the course and on the Graduate Certificate program, contact Dr. Cassandra White ([email protected]).

Prerequisite: ANTH 2020 with grade of C or higher, or consent of instructor. (Same as WGSS 4040.)

Exploration of the various ways that perceptions and designations of race, class, and gender intersect with each other and shape the human experience. This includes an analysis of how categories of class, ethnicity, and gender affect daily life for people in multi-ethnic, stratified societies, particularly in terms of how inequities of access to wealth, power, and resources have emerged on global and local levels. Structural violence is an important theme of many of the readings in the class. The idea of race as a social construct rather than a biological phenomenon is another key topic. We will examine how gender identity and gender roles are shaped by culture. Globalization and immigration, and their relationship to gender, race, and class, are foci of the latter part of the course.
3.000 Credit hours