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Heidi Denzel de Tirado

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D., Universität des Saarlandes




Dr. Denzel de Tirado has two main areas of research, one connected to her passion for storytelling and narratology and the other to her intercultural curiosity. Her interests in intertextuality, intermediality, cultural transfer, memory, and biofictional genres have produced several articles and the book Biographische Fiktionen: Das Paradigma Denis Diderot (1765-2005). Her current research builds on her previous work on analytical methods for Applied InterculturalCommunication and Cultural Analysis. For instance, her new book project Immigrants on the Screen: Interethnic Conflict and Transnational Narrative Strategies juxtaposes discipline-specific methods for conflict analysis in order explore to which extent methods from narratology, film criticism and intercultural communication complement each other. Having lived abroad for a number of years now, she loves to explore new and exotic aspects of La Deutsche Vita.