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Leslie Marsh

Assistant Professor    Director of Undergraduate Studies    

Ph.D., University of Michigan


Spanish & Portuguese


Leslie Marsh’s specializes in Hispanic and Lusophone film and media studies. Her research focuses on visual practices (film, television, photography and alternative media) that pose challenges to the boundaries of belonging and intervene in the creation of new political imaginations. Another area of specialization is Hispanic and Lusophone women’s cultural production. Her book Brazilian Women’s Filmmaking: From Dictatorship to Democracy (University of Illinois Press, 2012)examines the diverse practices of women filmmakers in Brazil from the military dictatorship to the present. Currently, Leslie Marsh is working on a monograph tentatively titled, “Rebranding Brazil: Crafting the nation in film, television and new media” in which she explore the rebranding of Brazil in contemporary visual culture. She is also working on two co-edited books. The project “Building the BRICS: Media, nation branding and global citizenship,” co-edited with Dr. Hongmei Li (Communications, GSU), examines new collaborations and directions of ‘power’ (i.e., South-South, North-South, and East-West interactions) and the social, cultural and political transformations taking place in and between emerging nations. The project “The Middle Class Phenomenon in Emerging Markets: Consumers, lifestyles and social transformation,” co-edited with Dr. Hongmei Li (Communications, GSU) and Dr. Ilke Kardeş (International Economics, University of Dusseldorf) explores marked economic transformations in emerging nations and its broader impact on social, cultural and political attitudes and practices. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, running and enjoying nature.

Dr. Marsh also serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Section Coordinator for Portuguese.

Recent courses taught at GSU:

  • Honors 3260 “Insurgent Citizenship in Brazil”
  • Spanish 4480  Contemporary Latin American Cinema
  • Spanish 8603  Women’s Filmmaking in Latin America and Spain
  • Portuguese 1001  Elementary Portuguese