Spring 2017: SPAN 8710 Hispanofonía and Hispanophobia: Globalization and the Spanish Speaking World

Posted On December 2, 2016
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The Department of World Languages & Cultures is offering a new course for Spring 2017

SPAN 8710: Special Topics in Linguistics: Hispanofonía and Hispanophobia: Globalization and the Spanish Speaking World

This course offers an introduction to Spanish as a global language from a linguistics point of view with a focus on the intersections between language and nationalism, race, ethnicity, and identity. We will study notions such as hispanofonía, an attempt “to construct a culturally, economically, and politically operative community” (Del Valle, 2011). We will also explore the concept of hispanophobia as the ethnification and stigmatization of Spanish as a minority language in the US, and panhispanism, understood as the construction of a transatlantic linguistic community based on shared origin, costumes, religion, and language from a European point of view, and as the imagined homogeneity of the Spanish language in the US.

We will discuss the status of the Spanish language as a dominant and as a minority language, within the framework of globalization and language contact. We will consider the different views of Spanish as a hegemonic language whose value has been denigrated to that of a commodity —a resource with exchange value—and exploited as such in many aspects. We will also explore language politics as they pertain to the notion of Spanish as a pluricentric world language.

The course will be conducted in Spanish, although some readings will be in English.
For more information, please contact Dr. Carmen Schlig (cschlig@gsu.edu) in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.